Step 2: First 11 VPs

Step (2): Collect Your First 11 VPs:


Welcome back to SFI King step (2). In the previous step, we just joined SFI.



Please note that Versa points (VPs) in SFI means shares. The more VPs you can collect, the more shares you’ll have in SFI, the much money you can make.

So, your first home work is to login to your SFI every day for just 10 minutes to collect 11 VPs.

1- Login to your SFI members area now:

Go to:

Login to your account using your SFI ID# and password, that you just get in the previous step. Watch this great video, then click the top right button “Proceed to Affiliate Center”.

5- Login


2- As soon as you login you’ll see this image below.


6- Just after login 1


3- This is your SFI members area when you login the first time

IMPORTANT: you see that the top part of the page here is colored RED. This means that you need to change it into GREEN color.

It is red because you don’t have enough VPs in your account. We have not started yet.

So, we need to collect some VPs so, this part will change into GREEN. We’ll overcome this point in this step.

6- Just after login 2


4- I want you to be an SFI champion

In the above image the red header means that you are under the GREEN LINE for SFI E365 Entrepreneur Challenge. What is E365?

There are 1000s of affiliate join SFI every day. So, SFI prepared a race between all affiliates who join the same day.

Every day, SFI states a green line. It is a number of VPS. It starts at 10 VPs in day 1. Each of these affiliates MUST be above the green line.

This race exists in 6 rounds. the first 5 rounds are 5 days each, to complete a month. But the 6th round exists in 11 months, to complete 365 days.

All winner members at each round got a really good prize between MRP and VPs.

The member in the last round who get a higher VPs will be the champion of his class (people who joined SFI the same day).

The image below shows the E365 Entrepreneur Challenge leaderboard. The lower image shows the green line with 10 VPs in day 1 when you join SFI.

8- E365 Leaderboard


9- E365 Leaderboard Green line


5- Your Daily Actions:

In your members area, click “Home” menu, you’ll see something like the image below. There will be red tabs.

You need to click each one of these red tabs to read and study what is included in its page, then scroll down to the bottom of this page to see and click a large blue button at the bottom of the page says: “I have reviewed the information on this page”.

When you click this blue button it will change into a gray button says: “1 Versa Point(s) Awarded Today!” See it image below.

This means that you just got your first VP at SFI.

There are 10 red tabs you need to review them and get 10 VPs every day.

This process can take about 10 minutes a day. You don’t need to spend more than 10 minutes a day in SFI. But I’ll show you how to collect 100s or even 1000s of VPs in the next steps.

Please make sure to follow me in these easy steps.

6-2 Red Tabs


When you click each one of these tabs, a new page will open. At the bottom of each page you will see a big blue button like this one below. Please click it.

31- I have reviewed the information

When you click the above blue button it will change into this one below.

14- 1 Versa Point Awarded Today Button

This means that you get 10 VPs (every day) from the above 1o pages.

One thing more, that is the “Triple Clicks Button”, see the image below. Click it to visit your “My TConnect” page. This will add 1 VP every day to your total VPs.

Triple Clicks Button

This way you collect 11 VPs every day, that is 330 VPs every month. Note: you need to do these daily actions every day to get the 330 VPs. It will only 10 minutes a day.


6- Become A Team Leader To Make The Big Money:

Click Here Now To Start Step (3) To Become a Team Leader.


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