Generating conversions on a landing page is a two-part battle. The first is getting traffic. With so many different ways to generate traffic, many Internet marketers would say the primary focus should be on improving the conversion rate of a landing page. It doesn’t matter if your traffic comes from PPC ads, e-mail marketing, or even a click through from your website the landing page will make or break the conversion process. Assuming your landing page isn’t jumbled or inherently flawed, there are still a handful of places you are likely losing potential conversions.

1. Unfocused Headlines

The easiest place to lose conversions is the headline and sub headers. Your headline is what most people will look at first when they hit your landing page. This makes it one of the most important elements. It is important that it stays consistent with the copy that brought the person to the landing page in the first place. At the same time, it needs to provide enough additional value to make it worth the visitors while to stay on the page. One of the easiest ways to focus your headline is by inserting a keyword or two that the visitor recognizes from the copy that brought them there. Not only does it show them that the page is relevant to their needs, but it is also an easy way to keep their interest.

2. You Are Asking for Too Much Information Too Soon

Another common place to lose conversions is the opt in form. There is no arguing that opt in forms are the single biggest barrier to conversions because they force the visitor to take multiple actions and share personal information. The easiest way to overcome this is by reducing the number of fields as much is possible. If your landing pages for an offer or promotion that take place once they are already part of your e-mail sequence or lead nurturing process, they you can take advantage of smart fields or progressive profiling to unencumbered the experience of repeat visitors.

3. Too Few Conversion Opportunities

A common mistake which hurts conversions is only focusing on the initial landing page. Once someone opts in to your list or downloads some content, you have a unique opportunity to capture a second conversion. While secondary conversion opportunities convert at a much lower rate, the leads they generate are extremely high quality. Common secondary conversion opportunities include the thank you page and confirmation e-mail. The only issue to keep in mind is if you use an opt in form on the thank you page, it is important that you make it clear to subscribers that it is a separate conversion option rather than the primary purpose of the thank you page.

4. Personalize Future Landing Pages

It is easy to get caught up focusing on that initial conversion – to get people onto your list. While it is undoubtedly important, it can also cause you to under emphasize future landing pages in the lead nurturing process. If someone is already on your list, then it is important to reduce or remove forms altogether in future landing pages and provide a more personalized follow-up sequence. Not only does this make people feel like you value their time, but it also boosts credibility and increases the conversion rate of future landing pages because they are better aligned with your e-mail sequence.

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