Step 3: Make Money

VERY Important: Get Your “HOT PRODUCTS  (Retail Price $497)” Now. Only New Members


Hi my SFI team, the best team.

This offer is good for my downline New Members ONLY. To people who joined (will join) SFI through my link.

If you did not join SFI yet, please click the following link (or copy and paste it into your browser). Join now here (FREE to join):

This offer is good for New Members Only Who Joined SFI Through This Month.

I will send you HOT PRODUCTS  (Retail Price $497) instantly. If you upgrade your SFI level to at least Bronze Team Leader (BTL) before the end of the month you join SFI.

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Here is how to upgrade your membership to BTL:

A) New Members:

New members can reach the level of BTL when you do the following steps:

1- Go to this page (VP Ledger):


This will get you at least 1500 VPs to become EA.

2) Order these 125 TCredits. You’ll need these TCredits through next month. This order will get you 1500 VP:

3) This way you’ll have 3000 VPs, which is required to upgrade your level to BTL.

4) When you become a BTL, email me at (hamaa1988 @ with your SFI ID and let me know how you want to get your HOT PRODUCTS  (Retail Price $497).


B) Current Members:

Current members can reach the BTL by doing (SOME) of the following steps.

1) Order a standing orders for at least 2000 VPs. I prefer ordering TCredits because TCredits will get you more VPs as in the following step.

2) Use the TCredits to bid at the TC auction. You may WIN great product while you bid:

You can collect up to 500 VPs with bidding at the SFI auction.

3) You can order and distribute “Gift Cards”. For those members who live outside USA, don’t worry, you can do all the process online.

Make sure that you provide REAL people because they will be your goldmine and make you ton of money with the time.

With distributing this package of 30 gift cards, you can collect 300 VPs.

4) You can get the SFI master card (FREE). You can get 500 VPs when you get your card.

Also this will make your life easy when you receive your money from SFI.

5) Encourage your PSA downline to upgrade their levels. You’ll get ton of VPs when they upgrade.

You may prepare a contest for them, you may send them gift certificates, …etc.

6) Start you own “ECA TConnect Page”, and sell products (Physical) to people. This will make you ton of money when you offer good products.

Then invite your downline to build their ECA TConnect page. When they do this, and post their first product SFI will give you 100 VPs per person. Start here:

7) I’m sure when you do some of the above steps you’ll collect 1000s of VPs to be a: BTL, STL, GTL, or even PTL.

8) When you become a BTL, email me at (hamaa1988 @ with your SFI ID and let me know how you want to get your HOT PRODUCTS  (Retail Price $497).


If you have any question, I’m here to help.

I wish for you all, all the success with SFI.


Dr. Hilal




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