New Way To Build SFI Team

This Is A New Way To Build Your STRONG SFI Team


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As you know, building strong team under you in SFI business is really important. But how?

Here is what I’m doing now.

At first have a look at these 3 splash pages:

As you see these are very powerful pages to use them to build your team.


So, here is the complete plan:

1- I ordered these 3 splash pages from this seller:

2-Couple days after I ordered, the seller sent me a form to fill. One file of this form includes an incentive.

This means: what gift you want to give away to people when they join through your link?

I put something like this:

“IMPORTANT: Get my $97 eBook “SFI Mentor” for FREE. After you join SFI through this page, email me at Support @”

You can see this just below the video.

(Feel free to copy/paste the above incentive sentence into your splash pages).

3- After I got my 3 videos, I prepared 3 ads on PTC sites. One ad for each splash page.

4- I put good amount of credits to each ad.

5- I got great results.


Here are my ad templates:

Video 1:

FREE! Get my eBook (worth $97) for FREE

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Video 2:

Let Me teach You How To Make Good Money

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Video 3:

SECRET Way To Get Apple McBook For…

… $33.96, Kindle Fire HD for $6.24, Samsung Chromebook for $12.24 & Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for $2.81. Watch This Video NOW!


If you don’t know where to advertise, this link will help you:


Enjoy your strong SFI team!

Good luck with SFI business.


IMPORTANT: If you have not joined SFI yet, join now through this link:



Dr. Hilal

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