The Power of 5 At SFI

The Power of 5 At SFI

Hi my SFI team, the best team.

Let me show you today the power of SFI if we deal with this amazing company the correct way.

In this post, I assume that you are only Bronze Team Leader (BTL), and will show you how can you make very good money every month with SFI. Of course if you are STL, GTL, or PTL, you’ll make much more money than BTL. Let us start.

At first please note that you can make money with SFI in 6 different ways. But in this article, I’ll focus on just 1 of them. That is the Matching VPs.

As a BTL you can get matching VPs for all of your downline in 6 levels (Generations) deep.

Now, Assume that you get only 5 active BTL PSAs under you in your level 1. Then next month every one of those 5 PSAs get his 5 BTLs under him/her. and next month each one of the new BTLs get his/her 5 BTL under him/her, and so on for 6 levels.

Please have a look at the following Table to study these numbers:

Power of 5 at SFI

As you see, you can really make a very good living online with SFI/TC business.

Want to make much more money every month? Become STL, GTL, or PTL. The higher rank you’ll be, the much money you’ll make!

Need more VPS? Check these links below:

But we have 3 important questions here:

1- How can you become BTL every month?

2- How can you get 5 active BTL under you?

3- How can you encourage your downline to have their 5 active BTL under them, and so on?

Let us see how can we treat these steps:

How can you become BTL every month:

To become a BTL you need to collect only 3000 VPs. It is very easy.

Do the following steps (Exactly) to become a BTL every month with MINIMUM cost:

1- Have a “Standing Order” of the 125 TCredits = 1500 VPs per month. Cost = $36.25

2- Buy just 1 TCredit from this link = 102 VPs. Cost = $1.99

2- Do the “Daily Actions” every day = 330 VPs per month.

3- Do the “Weekly Actions” every week = 152 VPs per month.

4- Do the “Monthly Actions” every month = 115 VPs per month. This includes the standing order.

5- You’ll get 750 VPs as soon as you have 5 BTLs under you (Supporting 5 BTLs).

6- Bid on the Pricebenders auction with your 125 TCredits = 125 VPs.

Have a look at this Table below:

Power of 5 at SFI-2

As you can see, with the above steps you can collect up to 3074 VPs for just $38.24, but from the first Table you can make MUCH money with this strategy!

How can you get 5 ACTIVE BTL under you

The answer is very simple: advertise your SFI affiliate link + teach your downline what I post in this page. The truth is any person can spend a tinny $38.24 per month if s/he is willing to build a strong team under him/her and $1000s every month. You can advertise your SFI affiliate link through: PPC sites, Solo Ads, Media Buy, … You can invite your friends, colleagues, Your facebook friends, people you know here and there. Please be patient. Sure you’ll get your 5 BTLs if you are willing to get them. You get your SFI affiliate link through this page:

How can you encourage your downline to have their 5 active BTL under them, and so on?

As soon as you get your 5 BTLs, send them to this exact page. Teach them this strategy. Encourage them to get their own 5 BTLs. Tell them to teach their downline this strategy here. This way you’ll build a very strong team under you, and sure you’ll make very good money within just few months.

My friend, believe me. SFI/TC really works and works very good in fact. Believe me, you can make a very good money for you and your family every month.


Start today.

Become BTL today.

Build your 5 BTL under you today.

You’ll SUCCEED. I’m sure.

Don’t waste your time. Start NOW.

I trust you and your success.

I love you all my best team.


I wish for you all the success in your SFI business.

Dr. Hilal

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