Very Good Questions and My Reply. MUST READ NOW

Very Good Questions and My Reply. MUST READ NOW


Hi my SFI team, the best team

Thank you very much for your great work at SFI. As I see there are a lot of members start to build their team. These members are doing great. These members will succeed at SFI business and will make good money as well.

Through the last week I received a lot of emails from my downline asking different questions. I preferred to post my reply to my all team. I hope you’ll all find my reply to be good for you.

Here are the questions and my reply:

Q: How can I make good money with SFI?

A: You can start to make money with SFI immediately as affiliate, EA, and EA2 by collecting versa points (VPs), promoting other people products in Triple Clicks, or by building your ECA. There are more other ways to make money as well. BUT, if you want to make good money you MUST became a REAL team leader. Real team leaders make MUCH money at SFI.

Q: How Can I become EA, or EA2?

A: The easy way to become EA or EA2 is by ordering a standing order with 1500 VP. You can get the IAHBE membership, or the 125 TCredits pack. This way SFI will give you 1500 VPs every month to ensure you are EA2. Here are the links to order:

Q: How can I build my ECA store at Triple Clicks?

A: To start please follow the steps at this page:

Q: How can I become a REAL Team Leader?

A: You need to become a team leader (BTL, STL, GTL, or PTL), then TEACH your team to build their own tean and support them.

Q: But how can I become a BTL, STL, GTL, or PTL?

A: The answer to this question is long, so, please read the answer on this page:

Q: And how can I build my team?

A: You can advertise your SFI affiliate link in PTC sites, safelists, solo ads, media buy, PPC sites, … You can buy PSA affiliates from trusted members in Triple clicks. In TC, search for (PSA signups). Always buy from high rated sellers. You can use the S-Builder Co-Op to get high quality PSA. Link below. You can win PSA through the pricebenders auction. Link below:

More great tips soon.

Note, don’t forget to have a look at the February contest, you could be a winner of cash prizes:

Have a very nice day.

Dr. Hilal


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