Get 500 Action VPs From The Pricebenders TC Auctions

Get 500 Action VPs From The Pricebenders TC Auctions


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1- Open your Triple Clicks Account, and login:
2- On the search bar, search for “TCredits”. See image below. and choose any package you want to buy. For me, I choose the 200 TCredits Pack. Click it.


3- The TCredit Pak – (200 TCredits) page will open. See link and image below. Click “Add To Cart”, Then set the number of packages you want. For me, I choose 2 packs. Then click “Continue”.


4- Now Click Checkout.

5- In the new page, click the “Continue Checkout” button that is under the table.


6- In the new page, choose your payment method. For me I choose paypal. Then Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and check the small box at the left of “I have reviewed and agree to the TripleClicks Terms & Conditions”. Then click the “PLACE MY ORDER” button. See image below.


7- In the next page, click the “Place PayPal Order” button. This will open your paypal page.

8- Now login to your paypal account and pay the needed amount.

9- After payment, Click return back to Carson Services, Inc.

10- Congratulation! You just finished your order. On the new page “Order Receipt”. Click the “Auction” menu.


11- This will open the pricebenders TC auction page, when you can see all the open and the coming auctions. See link and image below. Choose any auction you prefer to bid in. I prefer those auctions which build my team for me, like “Get PSA auctions, Get CSA auctions, S-Builder Co-op, …”. Of course you can choose any auction to bid.


12- In the auction page, I see a good one one here. It is “IAHBE (6 month subscription) w/9000 VP!”. I like it for the membership itself plus the 9000 VPs. So, let us choose this one now. To start to bid on this auction, please click “IAHBE (6 month subscription) w/9000 VP!”. See the image below.


13- This open the “IAHBE (6 month subscription) w/9000 VP!” auction page. To bid you have 2 choices: To click the red “BID NOW” button # 1 in the image. Or to use the “Autobidder” numbers (2, 3, … 6).

14- If you win the auction, SFI will send you a message that you are the winner. They will send you a link to buy the product you won.

15- Every bid you use on the auction to bid will give you 1 ACTIOn VP. You are allowed to get up to 500 ACTION VPs from bidding per month.

16- Important, you’ll see those 500 action VPs on your SFI account AFTER the auction ended.

17- Happy bidding. I wish for you to win great products here.

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Dr. Hilal

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