Get 300 Action VPs by Giving Away 30 Gift Cards

Get 300 Action VPs by Giving Away 30 Gift Cards


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Step (1) Order the 30 gift cards pack

1- Go to the gift cards page (See the link below). Choose “Digital” or “Physical” cards. Then Click “Add To Cart”.


2- Set the number of packages you want (1 package = 30 card). Note: 1 package is enough to get your 300 ACTION VPs. Then click continue. Then “Checkout”.


3- On the next page, click “Continue Checkout”


4- On the next page, choose your payment method. For me, I choose “Paypal”. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the small box at the left of “I have reviewed and agree to the TripleClicks Terms & Conditions”. Then click the “PLACE MY ORDER” button.



5- On the next page click the “Place PayPal Order” button. This will open the paypal page. Pay the amount needed. After payment click the “Return to Carson Services, Inc.”


6- This will get you to the “Order Receipt” page.


Step (2) How To Get people to receive your gift cards?

The strategy in this step is to have a landing page to collect those people names and emails, then to send them the gift cards.

1- Get your landing page from this link below. Open the page, then click “Add to Cart”, then “continue”, then “Check out”. This will cost only $8 per year.


2- The seller will send you your landing page link as soon as it will be ready (usually within 48 hours).

3- If you don’t get the link within 48 hours, you go to the above link, and contact the seller (at the right of the page) to send your landing page link.

3- Use this new link that you get from the seller and advertise it in one of the PTC sites, safelists, facebook, twitter, … Here are some of the PTC sites you may use:
The BEST 51 traffic sources


Step (3) How to get the cards codes and send them to people?

1- After you advertise your landing page link, you’ll receive many emails from real people asking you to get the gift card. The email titles will be something like these in this image below.


2- Let us open one of these emails and see what will we do. See this image below.


3- Now we need to put these names and emails into the gift cards pages to get the 300 VPs, and at the same time we need to send them the gift cards codes. So, Open the gift cards pages. This one below.

4- Click the first code that exists at the left of the table. Then copy (from the email you received) the name and the email of the person who needs the gift card. Then click “Save Distribution Details”. See this image below. Record the card code on a text file (Number 1 in the image below). Paste the person name and email (As in 2 and 3). Choose “Online Promotion”, as in 4. Then click the “Save Distribution Details” button, Number 5.


5- After you save the person details, the VP cell will change instantly into 10. It was 0 before we save the details. This means that you just got 10 VPs by giving this person a gift card. See the image.


6- Now, we need to tell this person about his/her gift card code. When the person redeem the code we’ll earn commission from his/her sales from Triple Clicks. So, it is an idea to send him/her en email without spam to give him/her the code that s/he requested. See an email template in this image below. You can do this easily by “Reply” to the email s/he sent to you.


7- Now, click the second code and send it to the second person, and so on, till you distribute your 30 gift cards. Make sure to send them the gift card code so, you will earn good commission when they buy.

8- CONGRATULATIONS! You just won 300 ACTION VPs by distributing 30 gift cards.

I wish for you all the success.

IMPORTANT: If you did not join SFI yet, CLICK HERE NOW to join. It is FREE!

Dr. Hilal


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