300 Action VPS Every Month For Music and Games

Get 300 NEW Action SFI VPS Every Month From Games and Music


Hi My SFI Team, The Best Team

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I have good news for you today.

Starting from this month, you can get another 300 ACTION Vps at SFI every month. Let me show you how now.

Please go to your VP Ledger page at:


300 VPs1

As you can see from the above screen shot, there are 3 new items which we can use to collect (200 + 50 + 50) = 300 VPs every month. Let us start with the first one.


1- Get 200 VPs From Eager Zebra game and Pick The Price entries:

1-A 30 Action VPs From Eager Zebra game entries:

When you click the link in your VP ledger page, it will take you to the time machine, this page below:


300 VPs2

Just enter the number in box (1), then click “SUBMIT”.

Note each entry will cost you 1TCredit but you get 1 VP and you’ll have a chance to win 100s of TCredits. Using this this game you can collect 30 SFI Action VPs every month.


1-B- Get 170 VPs From Pick The Price entries:

 You can collect as many action VPs as you can in this step. But please note that the maximum VPs that are count for you from steps (1-A) and (1-B) is only 200 action VP. You can win huge TCredits in this step. In fact I like it!

Now, how can you collect these 170+ action VPs from “Pick The Price”? Here are the steps:


Go directly to the “PTP” page at: http://www.tripleclicks.com/games/PickThePrice.php

Or you can reach these games from the “Win It” tab as shown in these images below. Just click “Win It” tab. This will open its page. Scroll down and click the first 2 blue “PLAY” buttons. Try to open them in 2 new windows by clicking the right button of your mouse and choosing “open Link in New Tab”.

Open the first window. It is the Eager Zebra game that I told you above. Now open the other window. It is the “PTP” game. See the image below. Try to predict the correct price for the first auction, write it in in place (number 1 below), then click “Enter”. Do the same for all other 9 auctions. Make sure to click enter for every one. You can see more by clicking the green “See More” button.

Remember, each PTP will cost you 1 TCredit, but will earn you 1 action VP, in addition, you’ll have the chance to win huge TCredits if you get the correct price.

Please follow the steps as in these screenshots below:


200 VPs from PTP


200 VPs from PTP2


200 VPs from PTP3


200 VPs from PTP4

Again: For every Pricebenders auction at TripleClicks, you need to just guess the winning price of the auction and win FREE TCredits.

By these entries in points (1-A) and (1-B), you can collect 200 action VPs very easy every month!


.2- Get 50 Action VPs From Downloading Music:

If you are interested in music downloading, this is your chance to collect 50 action VPs every month by downloading music from TC.

When you click the appropriate link in the first image above, this will open the TC Music page below:


300 VPs3

As you see above this will open the page with 10 musics. You can choose any one to download. In our case we have chosen “Dynamite – Hit 4 6”

Click it. This will open the music page (See the image below). Click the play icon.

300 VPs4

After you click the “Play button”, the music will start, and a bar will appear at the top of the page. Now click yellow “Vote – Download” button the bar.

300 VPs5

2 New pop up windows will appear (See image below). Click “Download”, then “Save”, then “OK”.

300 VPs6

Note: each download will cost you 1 TCredit, but you get 1 action VPs. You can get up to 50 VPs from downloading music every month.


3- Get 50 Action VPS Every Month From Member Listing:

The first step here is to build your ECA store first. This page will help you to build your ECA store at SFI:


After you get your ECA approved, you need to add your listings (Product or service). Each listing you add will get you 1 action VP. You can collect up to 50 action VPs every month by adding your listings. To add you a listing and get 1 VP, please go to this page:




As you see, you can add 300 VPs more every month to your action VPs. This will help us more to enhance our SFI rank to be team leader.

I wish for you all the success at SFI.

Important: Don’t forget to build your team. Your team at SFI is your goldmine.

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For your success,

Dr. Hilal


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