My Strategy To Make Much Money At SFI in 2014!


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Hi My SFI Team, The Best Team

As you know SFI is a long term business. You do the work now and you make money for many years to come!

I joined SFI in March 2013. I focused on just one thing. That is: Building A STRONG TEAM Under Me.

Now I have over 27,000 downline in 12 levels deep. And my earning increases month after month.

One of my upline has over 120,000 downline in his 12 levels deep. His earning is …. (You Say It!)

Some of my best downline asked me how to build a strong team to make a living with SFI.

I told them to promote their SFI affiliate link in many advertising sites.

After some try and errors they return back to say that there is no way for them to get ACTIVE PSAs!

So, I’m writing this message for them and for ALL OF YOU. I hope this will help you ALL to succeed with the amazing SFI in 2014.


Here IS My Strategy For 2014:

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1- I’ll get 500 PSAs Every Month. You get less or more. It is UP TO YOU according to your budget. If you don’t know how to get this amount of PSA. Just go to this TRUSTED service inside SFI/TC:

2- As soon as this service starts to send PSAs to my account, I’ll open the “Genealogy” page at (

3- I filter the “Genealogy” page to show “Online = YES” to see who is online.

4- As soon as I see one or more new PSA arrived and become online, I’ll ask him/her to chat. Once the new comer starts to chat, I start to explain what is SFI and how he/she make money with SFI. (SEE More Details Below About The CHAT).

5- In fact I prepared a written chat to send to my new PSA/CSA. Under This message, I’m giving you my message. Believe me, it is really working very good.

6- I forward them to the “To-Do List” OR to the “VP-Ledger” page at ( ) to show them how to collect as much VPs as they can.

7- After they collect 1500 VPs, I tell them about the benefits of becoming team leaders, and show them how to become team leaders by purchasing the IAHBE membership OR by buying 125 TCredits at:

8- After they become team leaders, I tell them how to become REAL TEAM LEADERS by building a STRONG TEAM under them. You can use this trusted service to forward them to get huge sin ups:

9- I teach them how to do the above steps to start to make some money at SFI. The faster they make money at SFI, the longer they will stay ACTIVE in your team.

10- I refresh the “Genealogy” page from time to time, to catch more new PSAs and start to chat with them and do all of the above steps.


What Is In It For You?

1- When your PSAs  buy something in TC you’ll earn 45% commission.

2- When you become a PTL you’ll get MATCHING VPs for all of your downline in 12 levels deep. THIS IS HUGE! This means $1000s every month!

3- When you become a team leader, SFI will send you some of CSA as a bonus. This means more money and more MATCHING VPS for you.

4- When your downline build their own ECA you’ll earn 10% for all of their sales.

5- and much much more…

Let us make 2014 to be our BEST year at SFI & Triple Clicks!

Start NOW Here


Here Is My Prepared Chat Message To New PSAs and CSAs:


Hi (YOUR PSA Name Here)

Do you need any help with SFI?

My name is (Your Name Here), I’m your sponsor at SFI. If you need any help, please let me know.

Please note SFI is based mainly up on versa points (VPS). VPs = shares = money. The more VPs you collect, the much money you’ll make.

To collect too many VPs, please go to this page and do all the actions there. You can collect over 3000 VPs in one day, to be come a Bronze Team Leader (BTL). Team Leader make much money with SFI.

This is the page I mean:

I can help you to become a Team Leader

I did it many times ago, and helped many people to be team leaders. Team leaders make the BIG money in SFI. I’ll guide you for FREE as one of my PSA downline.

Anyway, if you need any help, please email me at: (Your email Here)

BTW, I created a solid plan for all of my team and published it on my site:

Finally, don’t forget to have a look at the contest I created for my downline. You could win one of the $690 contest prizes!

We do this contest every month. Here is it for this month:

I also prepared a complete plan to be a Platinum Team Leader. Here is it:

I wish for you all the success with SFI


To Ask Them To Become Team Leaders:


Hi (PSA Name Here)


You collected XXXX VPs today. Now you are EA!

EA means that you just started to make some money at SFI

But, to make money money, you need to be a team leader: Bronze BTL, Silver STL, Gold GTL, or Platinum PTL

Team leaders make much money at SFI

A team leader can make Too much money every month.

To be a BTL, you need to have 3000 VPs

You have now only XXXX VPS. Don’t worry I’ll tell you now how to get 1500 VPs instantly!

It is very easy!

You need to get the 125 TCredits package through this link:

As soon as you get the 125 Tcredits package, SFI will give you 1500 VPs instantly as a bonus

This way you’ll have 3000 VPs (or more) = BTL

One more thing, to become a REAL TEAM LEADER you need to follow the strategy in this page:


Note: If you are not in SFI yet, please join SFI for FREE through this link Below:


I hope you love my strategy. Do yourself a favor and follow it, and send it to your downline.

One more this you MUST know. Your downline success is your success.


For your success,

Dr. Hilal



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