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At SFI, it is great to become a team leader. Team leader at SFI make too much money more than affiliates or executive affiliates. Why?

Because team leaders make money from matching versa points many levels deep. Let me explain this for you.

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Now, assume that you have only 5 active downline (PSAs), and each one of them has only 5 active PSAs, and so on for only 6 levels deep.

Let us do the math now! You’ll have:

5 active PSAs in your level 1.

25 active PSAs in your level 2.

125 active PSAs in your level 3.

625 active PSAs in your level 4.

3125 active PSAs in your level 5.

15, 625 PSAs active in your level 6.

So, for your 6 levels you’ll have: 19,530 active PSAs.

Now assume that these active PSA are all Bronze Team Leaders (BTL). This way every one will collect 3,000 versa points every month.

You’ll get mathing VPs for 6 level deep if you are BTL.

This way, you’ll have 19,530 BTLs X 3,000 VPs = 58,590,000 Versa Points every month.

Yes, that is over 58 Million VPs every month.

As of this exact moment every 1,000 VPs in SFI = $0.383

So, your earning for those 58 Million VPs = (58,000,000 X $0.383 / 1000) = $22,214 Per Month.

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(Disclaimer: This is an example. Your earning may differ from these numbers).

Did you see the power of numbers in this example?

What if you are Silver Team Leader (STL), Gold Team Leader (GTL), Platinum Team Leader (PTL), or even Diamond Team Leader (DTL)?

These numbers will be much bigger and more profitable for you.

STL get matching VPs for 8 levels deep.

GTL get matching VPs for 10 levels deep.

PTL get matching VPs for 12 levels deep.

DTL get 2 X matching VPs for 12 levels deep.

There are too much money with this strategy.

So, there are no reason why you stay as affiliate or executive affiliate at SFI. Why not go for a team leader? Not only so, but why not become a PTL or a DTL?

Here are the required steps that you can become a Platinum Team Leader (PTL):

To become a PTL you MUST collect at least 6,000 Versa Points (VPs). At least 2,500 from them MUST be action VPs and the other 3,500 VPs can be sales VPs. At least 1,500 VPs from the 3,500 MUST come from sales.

Here is what I do to collect these 6,000 VPs every month.

1- I purchase the 125 TCredits pack (cost = $36.25). This gives me 1,500 sales VPs. Here is the link for this package:


2- I purchase 20 X 1 TCredits (Usually I purchase them using my MRP, so Zero cost for me). This gives me 20 X 102 = 2,040 sales VPs. Here is the link for the 1 TCredit:


(BTW, you can get MRP from the auctions. if you don’t have MRPs, you can purchase those 1 TCredits packs for $1,98 each).

Now you got 1500 + 2,040 = 3,540 sales VPs, in your day 1 of the month.

To become Platinum Team Leader you MUST collect at least 2,500 Action VPs more.

Here is how to collect these 2,500 action VPs.

3- Daily actions gives you 30 days X 12 VPs = 360 action VPs every month.

4- Weekly actions gives you 152 action VPs every month.

5- Monthly actions gives you 115 action VPs every month.

So, you now collect 360 + 152 + 115 = 627 action VPs.

6- You can collect another 500 action VPs from the auctions. Use your TCredits to bid on the auction.

7- You can collect 250 action VPs from the games (see the VP Ledger page).

Assume you could collect only 1,000 action VPs from steps 3 to 7. So, you still need 1,500 action VPs.

8- Now, you need the rest of your action VPs from supporting your team. You can get them as follows:

A- 15 Excecutive Affiliates (EA) X 100 = 1,500 action VPs.

B- 7 BTLs + 1 EA = 7 X 200 + 100 = 1,500 action VPs.

C- 5 STLs = 5 X 300 = 1,500 action VPs.

D- 3 GTL + 1 STL = 3 X 400 + 300 = 1,500 VPs.

E- 3 PTL = 3 X 500 = 1500 VPs.

=> If you are new at SFI, your chance to become PTL is much easier. You don’t need downline to collect the 2,500 action VPs. Please read my ebook for more details:


The question now is: how to get these active members under you?

You can purchase sign ups, or you can promote your SFI link.

I hope this article gave you the big picture about why and how you become a platinum team leader at SFI.

If you still need any help, please let me know.

For your success,

Dr. Hilal



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