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Happy new year 2014.

Let us make SFI and Triple Clicks to be the most successful community in the world!

I decided to stat my “SFI Inner Circle” in January 2014.


What are your BENEFITS?

– I’ll teach you how make $XXX,XXX with SFI in 2014.
– Many excellent tools inside to help you increase your SFI business.
– I’ll show you how to drive at least 100,000 visitors to your SFI gateways.
– Free videos, reports, Webinars, and tips.
– Free splash and landing pages.
– I’ll show you how to become BTL, STL, GTL, or PTL every month.


Here are more details:

– It will be FREE. NO cost to join.
– It will be a CLOSED membership site. Not open to public.
– By invitation only.
– For ONLY TEAM LEADERS. No Affiliates, EA, or EA2. Upgrade your rank ASAP.
– You’ll be invited by your own upline. If your upline is not active, I’ll invite you.
– I’ll start with just a few team leaders, then increase the number gradually.


Who Will Be Invited? (All these conditions NEEDED)

– Only Team Leaders.
– Only Serious People.
– Members who have their own ECA with products uploaded and approved.
– Members who are willing to HELP their downline.
– Members who are willing to get more ACTIVE PSAs every month.
– Members who can invest on themselves.
– Members who see SFI as a REAL business and can spend some time and effort.


What you need to do now?

– Upgrade your SFI rank as soon as you can, before the end of this month December.

– Be ready to start STRONG at SFI in 2014. We’ll overdrive SFI-TC business to work for ALL of us.

I wish for you all the success in SFI at 2014.


AGAIN: If you are not in SFI yet, please join SFI for FREE through this link Below:


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Dr. Hilal

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  1. Hello Dear Dr Hilal,
    Your esteemed Plan and decision are BRAVO!
    Your precious and long-sighted plan “,The Power of 5
    At SFI,” have been longed for and welcomed by the
    I fully trust in you and we shall both you and
    ourselves succeed,under your command .
    Long Live your plan”, The Power of 5 at SFI,”!

    Regards, Laurence Win Pe

    • SFI King says:

      Hi Laurence Win Pe

      Thank you very much for your nice words.
      I’ll do my best to succeed together.
      When I see a member in my level 12 succeed with SFI, I consider it is a success for me!

      Once again, thank you.
      Have a great day.

      Dr. Hilal

    • loucas soteriou says:

      hello DR Hillal .How can i join your inner circle?I love the way you work with your downline.From now on you are my mentor…I am one from your 2gen and i spent most of my time reading this website your articles and how you work at sfi.

      • SFI King says:

        Hi loucas

        Thank you very much for your great comment. It is pleasure for me to help my team. All team leaders in my team will be members in my inner circle.

  2. thank you Dr Hilal,

    happy new year to you too and your family

    I hope you will have best days for live in Egypt

    I hope your country in a durable peace

    Now have a good end of year,

    I think that all the conditions Needed are good for me

    thank you very much

    Best regards


    • SFI King says:

      Hi Alain LE CLERE

      Thank you very much.
      I appreciate your nice words.
      Egypt is one of the BEST countries in the world.
      Egypt is fine. Thank you very much.
      Of course, you are in. You’re one of the great leaders in SFI!
      Good luck my friend.
      Dr. Hilal

  3. Suhrita Roy says:

    Hello Dr Hilal
    A very nice year to you.
    Your monthly contests are always an encouragement. Prior to SFI I was a novice in marketing. It not only helped me to grow financially but also as a person. My special thanks to Mr John Gilmore and Nicola Light, my team leaders without whose support I would never have sustained in SFI. Hope to find my self in your closed group soon.
    Wish you a prosperous business year with a good health.

  4. Hi Dr Hilal, your Inner Circle is a no brainer for me, I simply have to make the grade this month.
    I am so glad that I am in your downline and I am now committed to this business full time.
    Kind regards Stephen.

  5. Quratulain says:

    Hi,DR Hilal
    Your program is too good i am so glad that i am in your downline and i am committed to this thanks a lot for your real support
    May Allah bless you

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