How To Become An SFI Champion

How To Become An SFI Champion



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Last Thursday April 3rd, 2014 was one of my best days since I joined SFI. Why?

I received a call from my post office that I got a package for me, and I have to go to the post office to get it.

It was a very good surprise when I found my custom E365 class champion plaque and a letter from Mr. Gery Carson to congratulate me by becoming a champion of my class!

Have a look at them here:




Believe me YOU will be very happy when you receive a package like this which tell you that you are a champion!

Do your best to get it. I’m sure you can!

Now, how can you know if you are the winner of this championship? and how can I achieve it?

It is not difficult. But it needs some work from your side!

Here is how:

Go to this page:

At the top of the page, exactly under the title “POWER RANK LEADERBOARD”, you can see a drop down list. click it and choose “My Class”. Then click “submit”. See the image below.



A new page appears with your class. Your class means all people who joined SFI the same day you joined. You’ll see all people in your class. At the right (or under) each one of them you can see his/her total VPs. Search for your name in this page. Calculate how many VPs you need to beat the person in number 1, so you will be the champion.


Buy anything from TC products that can give you all the needed VPs (plus some more VPs), so you can beat the number 1 person.

This way you’ll be the number 1 in this list.

Have a look at this page every day, to make sure that no one else replaced your position.

Keep your number 1 position. Don’t allow any one to beat you.

After 365 days from joining SFI, Mr. Gery Carson will announce that you are the E365 champion and will send your package direct to your mail address.

IMPORTANT: If you did not join SFI yet, CLICK HERE NOW to join. It is FREE!

I wish for you all the best.

Dr. Hilal

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