Become A Platinum Team Leader

My Plan To Be An SFI Platinum Team Leader (PTL):


1- I’ll sponsor as much PSA as I can; 400 minimum.

2- I’ll teach then how to strart strong with SFI to be team leaders and make good money.

3- I’ll try to have at least 30 new BTL in my first level from those new members.

4- This way SFI will give me 30 x 150 = 4500 action VPs.

5- I’ll have a standing order with at least 1500 or 2000 VPs.

6- This way, I’ll have 4500 + 1500 = 6000 action VPs minimum.

7- 6000 action VPs are the EXACT VPs which are needed to be a PTL.

8- I’ll send my new and current PSA and CSA to this exact page to read my plan, so, they CAN duplicate my success.

9- Now, how can I get the 400 new PSA?

10- I can get them through: Solo ads, Media Buy, PTC sites, Safelists, My own lists, any any other available media.


New SFI Members can become a Bronze Team Leader (BTL) easily by using this method:


1- Go to your SFI VP-Ledger at:

2- Do all the actions in the VP-Ledger page. Try to collect at least 1500 VP.

3- Get the IAHBE membership! to have 1500 VPs every month. You can get it through this page:

4- This way you’ll have 1500 + 1500 = 3000 VPs which are enough to get you to the BTL.

5- If you want to have a higher level at SFI, please read my plan at the top of this page.




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