There are a lot of different ways to build a community on your blog. It can include anything from adding a forum to simply focusing on growing the number of comments you get. Building an active community can take a lot of time and effort, but the rewards are easily worth it in the long run. If you have been considering making your blog more a community, here are a few motivating reasons to get you going.

1. It Makes Your Blog More Useful

The most obvious benefit of building a community on your blog is it makes your blog more useful to new visitors. Nothing is harder than turning a one-time visitor into a repeat reader. An active community can be an invaluable asset to help you achieve this. People naturally like to hang out where other people already are. By building a community on your blog, you are creating a destination rather than just another website with content.

2. It Naturally Creates Social Proof

Another benefit of building a community on your blog is it naturally creates social proof for you. When people share links to your content, talk about your site, and regularly visit others will take notice. In many cases, you will even receive unsolicited testimonials. Nothing proves how valuable your blog is than having others talk about it.

3. It Increases Advertising Value

A more subtle benefit of building a community around your blog is the increased advertising value it creates. It doesn’t matter if you are focused on product creation, affiliate marketing, or selling ad space building a community makes your property more valuable. Not only can you offer high levels of traffic, but your readers are extremely targeted which makes them highly valuable.

4. Easiest Way to Get User Generated Content

A community is built on interaction. Online, all of this interaction takes the form of user generated content. One of the biggest problems most blogs face is creating enough content or conversation to perpetually grow their audience. User generated content is the perfect way to overcome this. Plus, user generated content is difficult to get without some sort of community. While average blogs and review sites will get some comments, they will be few and far between. Plus, they won’t spur actual conversation, which is where the value really lies.

5. It Makes Maintaining Your Blog More Enjoyable

A hidden benefit of building a community around your blog is the day to day maintenance becomes more enjoyable. Every blogger suffers from burnout at some point. By being able to fall back on your community for inspiration and motivation, the entire process becomes easier. Plus, when you build a community, you naturally garner positive feedback which will help you stay motivated as well.

6. You Know Exactly What Products to Create

The final benefit of building a community around your blog is information. You will get direct access to the minds of your target market. You will learn exactly what kinds of problems they are facing and create useful products that will sell. This eliminates the risk associated with product creation. Plus, you can even use user generated content to build a product and sell it elsewhere.

Building a community takes a lot of time and effort. Sustaining a community can be even more difficult. At the same time, the benefits of building a community around your blog cannot be understated.

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