Active blogs inherently begin to gather repeat visitors who will never subscribe to an RSS feed, follow social networking profiles, or opt-in to an email list. While these loyal and dedicated repeat visitors are great, there are rarely enough of them to sustain a profitable blog over the long run. This makes it more important than ever to increase your blog subscribers. This doesn’t necessarily mean focusing solely on building an e-mail list, gathering active followers on popular social networking sites can be just as effective. The key is choosing how you want to engage with your audience to encourage them to subscribe to something which gives you direct access to them. Fortunately, there are a handful of simple ways to immediately increase your number of blog subscribers with very little effort.

1. Make Your Opt-In Form Easy to Find

The most important thing to do is double check your opt in forms to make sure they are easy to find. While having a single opt in form in the upper right-hand corner of the sidebar, which is popular and effective, adding an additional form to the lower portion of your blog is equally important. Most blogs find success adding an opt in form to either the footer or between the content and comment section. This gives you a way to capture your audience after they have read your content rather than hoping they scroll back up to the top to subscribe.

2. Explicitly State the Value of Subscribing

One of the most overlooked ways to increase your number of blog subscribers is explicitly stating the value of subscribing. Few people now subscribe to e-mail lists or follow blogs on social networking sites without a definite reason. It is important that you demonstrate the value of subscribing by telling them what they will get in return. This doesn’t have to be a specific item, such as an e-book or white paper. You can just as easily take a moment to discuss the value of your blog and why receiving updates about new content is something that would benefit them.

3. Make Sure Your Blog Content is Easy to Share

Getting more subscribers for your blog isn’t only about on-site conversions; it’s also about finding ways to easily generate more traffic. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your blog content is easy to share. Many blogs add social sharing icons to their sidebar as well as near their content – either above or below it. Any time you can get someone to share your content, you immediately gain access to everyone who follows or interacts with them. If you have compelling headlines or images, you will naturally attract extra traffic from an audience you normally wouldn’t have easy access to.

4. Emphasize a Single Type of Subscription

A common mistake bloggers make is trying to get people to subscribe to every channel they participate in. There is little reason you need to have a single person signed up to your e-mail list, following you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Instead of pointing them in 10 different directions at once, you should emphasize a single type of subscription. If your primary focus is your e-mail list, then make sure the other subscription alternatives also point people to your e-mail list. Rather than being content with the number of Twitter or Facebook followers you have, try to get them to subscribe to your email list as well. By consistently placing an emphasis on a single type of subscription it gains a higher perceived value in the eyes of your followers and readers.

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