When it comes to the sales funnel, many people make the mistake of thinking that the sale signifies the end of the process. The truth is repeat customers are more valuable than garnering new customers. Repeat customers have proven that they will not only make a purchase, but will continue making multiple purchases with little extra incentive. The Thank You page following the sale made via an online shopping cart provides you with a variety of different possibilities which can be used to increase the percentage of repeat customers or increase the total purchase price of individual sales. Here are 5 different approaches you can take with your Thank You page and how they can be beneficial.

Article 8. The Gift Cross-Sell

It is no secret that cross-selling is a great way to increase the total checkout price; however it can also cause shopping cart abandonment. A great way to overcome this is by waiting until the initial purchase has already been made. Most webmasters don’t consider this an option because the initial sale has already been made and they assume their customers don’t want to be bombarded with more offers. The easy way around this is the gift cross-sell. Offering a discount to make an additional purchase for a friend or family member is a great way to reengage customers after they have just made a purchase. It can even be the basis for a follow-up email campaign.

2. Offer a Survey

Another useful way to utilize the Thank You page is by offering a survey. The first benefit of immediately offering a survey is that you don’t have to collect personal information from them. If they have already made a purchase, you already know who they are. If you want some additional identifying information, you can ask them what they purchased. It feels like you are not asking for personal information, which decreases friction. The other benefit of doing a survey immediately following a purchase is you get instantaneous feedback about how they felt about the purchase process.

3. Make It Social

Your Thank You page is the perfect time to get people to promote your brand for you. There are a variety of different social sharing strategies which have been effectively implemented on Thank You pages. One of the most popular is making it easy for customers to share what they have just purchased. People like to talk about the products they buy, so giving them an immediately way to share it increases your brand and product awareness. It also gives you an opportunity to control what they are saying by providing the image, product description, and possibly even the message.

4. Sign Up for an Account

There are two different schools of thought about when you should get people to sign up for an account. Some prefer to force users to sign up for an account before they checkout. This allows them to create a follow-up sequence targeting those who abandon the checkout process before making a purchase. While this is a valid idea and can be effective, it can also drive away sales because there will be people who don’t want to sign up at all. As a result, they won’t get the follow-up sequence anyway. The other option is asking them to sign up after they have made a purchase. Not only have the buyers already become more emotionally invested in the process, but there are a variety of simple incentives to increase signups. For example, you can tell them that it will be easier to track their shipment with an account.

The Thank You page following a purchase is an incredibly valuable asset. The key is deciding how to best leverage it within your sales funnel.

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