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Let Me Show You How to Succeed with SFI

Welcome to I prepared this website to help ALL of my SFI downline.

Actually, I just got this question from one of my downline: How to succeed with SFI?

So, I prepared these steps to help him and every one who want to make good money online with SFI. Please read carefully!


My name is Dr. Hilal. I’m SFI Platinum Team Leaders since I joined SFI.

Your very first step is to JOIN SFI for FREE, then, download, read, understand, and apply the steps in my book. These steps will help you to make good money with SFI. This book worth $97 but it is your for FREE. Enjoy!

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The truth is: ONLY serious people at SFI can make good money. Some members can make REAL INTERNET INCOME EVERY MONTH with SFI. I CAN guide you to this level if you want!

I’m looking for serious action driven SFI partners to help develop as future Team Leaders.

A) Why you want to be a team leader?

1- Team leader make the most of money in SFI.

2- This is a long term business, not a just hope. Please deal with it as your real business.

3- There are many streams of income for team leaders. I’ll show you how to get the most in my ebook.

B) You can get huge tips about SFI on my website: I’m sure you’ll like it.

C) Here is a brief plan that will help you to succeed in SFI, You can start with this plan, but the course in my ebook covers every single point. Please read, understand, and apply this plan:

1) SFI is a long term business. You do the work now and make good money for years to come. So, it is the best business you can start with.

2) In SFI, Versa Points (VPs) means shares. The more VPs you have, the more shares you will have in SFI, the much MONEY you will make.

3) To succeed with SFI you need to get as many VPs as you can, and as many Quantity and quality downline (PSA and CSA) as you can.

4) To start to make money with SFI, you MUST be at least EA. You could be an EA by collecting 1500 VPs per month. You can collect these VPs from the To-Do List page
or from the VP Ledger page

5) The easy way to collect 1500 VPs every month is by setting a standing order for 1500 VPs or more. Example: when you get the (125 TCredits) at this link:
This assures you get 1500 VPs every month. This way you will be at least EA every month.

6) To make much money at SFI, you need to be a team leader: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Team leader get matching VPs (shares) up to 12 levels deep. Team leaders can make real money every month in SFI if they build a strong team under them.

(HINT: I’m making about $2,000 per month with this point!)

7) To build a strong team under you (downline), you need to promote your SFI affiliate link in many advertising sites. Many sites included in my book.

8) When you start to get your downline, teach them the above steps. This way, you change them into team leaders like you are.

9) Encourage your downline (PSA and CSA) by re-assigning some of your PSA under them. You can do this from this page:

10) You can give them TCredits of yours if they upgrade their levels in to EA or team leader. This will make them more active.

11) Use and teach your downline how can they use the SFI penny auction (Pricebender) at:
Remember when you use the SFI penney auction, every TCredit you spend will give you 1 VP. You can get up to 500 action VPs every month using this way.

12) As soon as you become EA (with 1500 VPs), start to build your high quality digital store (ECA). Read the complete guide in page 19 in my book. If you have some physical products you do not need, you can sell them in your SFI ECA store. This is something like garage sale. You make good money and get VPs this way. You will like it. Start your store today:

13) You can sell digital products in your SFI TConnect, except software.

14) If you don not have products to sell, search (inside TC) for some good products which people really want, and get your affiliate link for these products, then promote these products here and there. This way you could earn some money PLUS get huge VPs.

15) Teach your downline ALL the above steps. Feel free to send them to this message.

16) The last important tip is: NEVER EVER GIVE UP. You could be very close to your success and you do not know.

I am sure if you apply what I told you here, you will make good money with SFI.


AGAIN: It is very important for you to download, read, understand, and apply the steps in my book. These steps will help you to make good money with SFI. This book worth $97 but it is your for FREE. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN SFI NOW. Then download this book:

Finally, if you have any question, feel free to contact me. I’m here to help you.

I wish for you more and more success in SFI.

Dr. Hilal



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